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Minute to Win It: Round 2

Activity 2


Activity Description

Katie and Mason are back with ten NEW challenges they try to beat in just one minute! Can you beat their times? For these set of ten challenges, you will need: a balloon (don’t blow it up beforehand!), a bucket (or bowl or something), 5 plastic cups (preferably disposable), spare change, a small cookie (or cracker or cheezit or something), a sheet of paper, and a pen.

To make it more fun, grab a pencil and paper to note how fast you completed each task to see how you did compared to your friends!


Make sure you’re playing in an area where you will not break anything! Make sure you have lots of space to run— totally ok to play outside!

1. Blow up a balloon and push a cup across a table/floor
2. Try to throw a balloon in a bucket (harder than it sounds!)
3. Blow up balloon to make a pyramid
4. Keep a balloon off the ground not holding them or using hands
5. Balloon funnel switch from hand to hand
6. Stack then unstack a pyramid with none dominant hand
7. Flip a coin from your back hand to palm— add a coin for each successful flip
8. Put cup on edge of table and flip it to sit up
9. Get a small food item from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands
10. Make a list of A-Z then try to write out words of every letter

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