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In the Wild - Thursday Copy

Active Rec


Activity Description

Connect to yourself in today’s nature activity! Today’s nature activity is very calming and will teach you more about yourself than you know. Charity shows you activities you can do whenever, especially when you feel overwhelmed.


How am I like?
You got a word in your Camp in a Box. Your challenge is to try to find multiple ways you are like the word or are different from the word. For example, Charity got the word bark. She thinks she’s tough and protective like bark!

Screen time
Find a window and just day dream! Let your mind calm and just relax while looking at nature. Have your nature journal with you in case you want to document anything

Mandala art
Draw a circle on the ground then decorate it with nature! If you can’t go outside, feel free to draw your own nature mandala. Try to keep it symmetrical, but use all your creativity!

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