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Minute to Win It: Round 3

Activity 2

Minute to Win It: Round 3

Activity Description

Ten MORE challenges?! Katie and Mason just can’t stop with these fun minute long games! And maybe a quick guest star appearance? For these set of ten challenges, you will need: surprise materials from your camp in a box, a bucket (or bowl or whatever), 5 plastic cups (preferably disposable), a long sock, a coin, 10 small sticks, clothespin, paper and a pen! To make it more fun, grab a pencil and paper to note how fast you completed each task to see how you did compared to your friends!


Make sure you’re playing in an area where you will not break anything! Make sure you have lots of space to run— totally ok to play outside!
1. See how many times you can sink a bean bag but take a step back for every shot you make
2. Set up cups and have to throw them in the cups worth different points
3. Hackey sack with a bean bag, no using hands
4. Juggling with 2 bean bags
5. Juggling with 3 bean bags
6. Put a penny in a long sock and get it out using only on hand
7. Unscramble this word, but also come up with as many words as you can
8. Break a stick in ten equal parts and see how many words can you spell
9. Put an index card in-between each cup and try to pull it out fast enough to make a tower of cups
10. Use a clothes pin to flip coins into a cup

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