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Minute to Win It: Round 1

Activity 1

Minute to Win It: Round 1

Activity Description

Join Katie and Mason as they try TEN minute to win it challenges and see if you can beat their times! For these set often challenges, you will need: 5 ping pong balls, a couple spoons, 5 plastic cups (preferably disposable), 5 index cards (or folded paper is fine!) 5 coins, (preferably pennies), and a shoe. To make it more fun, grab a pencil and paper to note how fast you completed each task to see how you did compared to your friends!


Make sure you’re playing in an area where you will
not break anything! Make sure you have lots of
space to run— totally ok to play outside!
1. Bounce the ping pong balls into the cup
2. Spoon ping pong balls from one bowl to
another using only a spoon
3. Use the stick-end of two spoons from one
side of the room to the other
4. Bounce ping pong balls against the wall into
a cup
5. Every time you bounce a ping pong ball into a cup, add a cup on top of the ping pong ball
6. Put water in three cups and blow the ping pong balls to move them to the last cup
7. Spoon in mouth relay
8. Ping pong game with two cups back and forth
9. Put shoe barely on then try to flip it onto a table
10. Stack as many pennies as possible in one
minute on your nose

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