In the Wild - Tuesday

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In the Wild - Tuesday

Activity Description

Bird is the word in today’s In the Wild! Today, Charity shows us about ways to observe some of our feathered friends. Grab your nature journal and colored pencils for these fun bird activities


Bird drawing
Get comfy and try to find a bird to observe and draw! Some structures to find/draw on your bird are: crown, nostril, beak, throat, breast, side, belly, tarsus, head, nape, back, rump, tail, toes, primary/secondary flight feathers. Try to use the internet to look up what bird you observed/drew. If you’re not having luck seeing any birds outside, use the internet to look up some bird pictures!

Bird/nest watching
Did you know there are seven types of bird nests? See if you can find a burrow, cavity, scrape, suspended, platform, mound, or cup nest. Don’t forget to be quiet so the birds won’t be afraid of you!