In the Wild - Wednesday

Active Rec


Activity Description

Peas on earth y’all! Join Charity as she teaches you all about peas. You even get to get up close and personal with your own pea plant! Did you know peas can even grow into trees? So cool!


Making an eco pot
Get your newspaper and a can/cylinder. Fold newspaper in half (longways) and roll the newspaper up on the can. Make a bottom for the can by folding the paper. Leave the can sitting on the can to flatten the bottom. Fold the top edges down slightly. Fill your ecopot with dirt!

Preparing pea seeds
Place seeds on paper towel and fold it over so the seeds are covered. Get the seeds/paper wet. Place your seeds in a ziplock bag. Date the bag, then pop it in the fridge. Don’t forget to take them out and plant them on the tenth day!

Pea plant searching
Let’s look for peas on earth! Might help to have your magnifier with you! You can tell a pea from it’s petals. Look for banner petals (they stick up at the top), wings (they stick out to the sides), and the kiel (petals that are fused together at the bottom). They usually have feathery leaves. Finally, pea family plants have seeds that look like, well, peas!