In the Wild - Monday

Active Rec


Activity Description

Meet Charity today and get ready to learn so much about nature this week! You’ll make a nature journal to document all your fun this week and find your own little nature sit spot.


Make Your Nature Journal

Grab the construction paper and regular paper and fold it “hamburger” style. Punch some holes near the fold (so it’ll open up like a book!), find a stick, secure the stick to the journal (to be the binding of the journal) using a rubber band. Don’t forget to make it your own! Use sticks, drawings, whatever you want to make this YOUR journal!

Sit Spot

Find a quiet spot in nature that you can go back to often to check out the changes over time. If going outside is tough, a window is still a perfect spot to watch nature! Write down these topics down in your newly made journal: in, next to, behind, in front of, under, temperature, how are you feeling, how does this place make you feel, what do you hear, what do you smell, and what do you touch.